The Photo Journal began as a prayer journal over the summer of 2021 while I worked in Central Oregon. It continues now as a series to be shared. 

Observe the photo for a bit, then read the words below. If you’d like to hear it read by me, watch the video below and consider it some more. Or watch first, then read, or watch and read along. It’s for you to experience in your own way.  

Healing Me June 17, 2021, Thursday

What I thought was, was not. Rough and rugged. Worn thick. Flames had scorched it to black. Inside rotted and ripped apart. Greatness turned to dust and debris. 

What I thought was, was not. Remaining solid. Still standing. Black gives way to fresh light. Past embers washed away. Stubborn and resilient pieces of life hold on. 

Newness of green flow over the top and crawling in between the creatures slowly scramble their way through damp and dirt and from pieces of old sprout up the shoots of greens and browns into the air to the heights and depths and nothing separates us from death and life.

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