The year: 2018. The month: January.

I go to the Dallas Theological Seminary campus for my first classroom experience. We learn to use Logos, the Bible study tool loaded with unbelievable resources to get super in-depth into the word of God. I ate free pizza.

Week or so later (after the new students orientation), I go to campus again for my first course at DTS toward my masters degree: Christian Life and Witness. During Spring Break, I go to Brazil for a mission trip with my church.

Fast forward to May 2018. The semester ends. I complete my first semester of seminary. I become chaplain of the women students organization. I get ready to spend the summer in Death Valley National Park leading a ministry team.

The summer was hot. I travel a lot.

Summer ends and I begin the Fall semester at DTS. I take more on-campus classes and develop deeper and more friendships throughout the semester. After such a long and eventful year, the holidays whizz by, the new year begins. And here we are.

God led the time. He controlled every bit of it. Despite all my worries, despite all my anxieties, he held me close. My family supported me in so many ways. Surrounded by love and grace, I give thanks to God for the people he put in my life. I give thanks to God for growing me spiritually and bringing me closer to him.

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