When’s the last time you knew for certain what you needed to do? I’m not talking about, say, “nature calling,” but you know, more like, you knew you were destined to dance professionally, forever. What happened after you fell and broke your hip? Your dreams dashed. Turned out, teaching dance was your true calling.

In life, we rarely get clarity. We often have to figure it out as we go along. I’ve had a couple of different careers. I have two bachelor’s degrees. Now I’m pursuing a master’s in something completely different. How did it come to this? It’s just how God tends to work.

I discovered my purpose early this year, my purpose for school anyway. I need to study the intersections of theology, art, culture, and science. That is my task. How the heck am I going to do it? No idea. But I’ve identified it!

I want to write about theology and culture, especially film because we all watch films. We can all relate to it. Most of us anyway. People increasingly watch Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services. What better way to engage what God is doing in the world than through film?

I don’t yet know where I’m going with this endeavor, but I know it’s the direction set for me.

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