Over on Twitter I said, “If this is what graduation feels like, I never want to graduate!”

I left campus on Thursday having left my Lewis & Tolkien class for the last time. It was the class in which I formed some of the best friendships. We had had so many excellent conversations. My friendship group (yes, that’s the official title) who actually became friends, presented our project about Art. It came together and I think we did a good job. And then we served Chicken Curry, an Indian Cauliflower dish, and rice. That was the cherry on top. I felt a bit emotional about the end of that class, but I didn’t show it. 

On Wednesday, I had left two other amazing groups. The first was my Spiritual Formation group. You never expect to click with people you’ve never met so quickly. But with these ladies, all of us get along so well! It’s incredible. And these ladies, I get to stick with for another 3 semesters. I’m pretty excited about that. So, it wasn’t too much of a goodbye. Also on Wednesday I gave a presentation and left my “Theological Reflections on Technology” course for the last time. It was another one of those classes that have shaped my thoughts. It was a subject that I had never really considered, and it was incredible the kinds of conversations we had. I learned so much! 

And with that, class is over. BUT the semester is not yet over. I still have my online course to finish. Then, looming large, the Honors Greek 101 Final Exam. Dun dun dunnnnnn…….. Yeah. I’m nervous to say the least. 

I’d like to write a post about what I’ve learned in each of these classes. Learning without sharing what I’ve learned isn’t fruitful. Why would I learn this if I’m going to keep it to myself? I’m learning it to share it with others. And so, look forward to some posts about what I’ve learned and what might be of interest to you. In the mean time, please ask me questions about what you’d like to know! 

Thank you for reading! 

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