“You get an ‘A’ in life,” is what a friend told me over the weekend. I’ve been struggling with grades in seminary this semester. I’m doing everything that I can, but I’m falling behind in some things. As I was discussing this with her, she heard me say that I’ve been dealing with mental & physical health as well as dealing with keeping up with the family. Oh, and working.

The main thing that she saw in me was that I wasn’t neglecting the people in my life. I had said that I’m going to seminary so that I can serve the people around me better. How can I serve them if I ignore them so that I get a good grade? Life isn’t about grades. It’s all about the people. As I was feeling down about academics, she helped me see that I truly have my priorities correct. 

I’m now going into this second week of Thanksgiving break with a fresh perspective on schoolwork. I’m still dealing with my health, currently laying in bed, hoping to ease the pain coursing through my body. But I know that God sees me doing what I can to follow him obediently. And for that I can feel sure that God gives me an A. 

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