I’ve been meaning to write about my summer. But the school semester at Dallas Theological Seminary started so quickly after I got back from Death Valley, that I really just haven’t been able to reflect. Now isn’t the time either.

School is in full swing. I’m on the campus coffee shop writing this right now, in between two meetings. The classes that I’m taking are quite amazing. I’m learning so much and getting to have so many incredible conversations.

Today with one group we talked about the definitions of imagination, creativity, and art. We’re going to do a presentation at the end of the semester about it. We plan to make a short film. This is going to be amazing. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also learning Greek. Wow. It’s pretty incredible getting to learn the original language used to write the New Testament. Several nuances between the Greek text and all the English translations reveal just how important it is to learn the original languages. At some point I will also have to learn Hebrew to read the Old Testament. I can’t wait for that since the OT was written with so much rich imagery and poetry.

Technology is another very cool subject regarding theology. So much to say about that! But for now, I will leave all of it as such.

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