Another adventure y’all! In a week I head back out to the PNW. Instead of Washington, I’ll travel to Oregon this time. The year 2020 proved exhausting and tiring, as I know it must have been the case for many of you. My summer adventure to Mazama, WA got cancelled, which meant I spent the whole year at home. No travels to speak of. (Well, ok, I got to go to Sundance earlier in the year, but that hardly counts as anything now). So, 2021!

In a week I hit the road. Figuratively, of course. Who hits roads with fists? Yeah. So. I start driving up towards Oregon. The journey takes roughly 5 days and 4 nights. Which means hotels, because who wants to find a campsite at 9 pm when you’re in the middle of nowhere? Not me. I won’t be alone, I have travel companions, my best friends (aka Mom and Dad). While the rest of the fam holds down the Fort.

During this adventure time, I must finish the Spring Semester for school. Luckily everything can be done online. A blessing, truly. Blessing does not equal easy. By any means. Let that be a life lesson. Let me say it louder, BLESSING DOES NOT EQUAL EASY. With that said, I have 200 million more assignments to complete in the next 3 weeks. First of the three requires packing. Second week I drive. Third week is on base adjusting to a new life.

The summer holds new adventures, new photographs, new people, new environments. But this week, I just can’t wait.

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