Three weeks. Really? It’s only been three weeks? It feels like an eternity, but in a good way. Time seems to move so slowly here. Either that or each day packs so much into itself. So much has happened. So much is yet to happen. The season has only just begun.

I live on the margins of every realm of this organization. I’m not an instructor, I’m not an admin, I’m not logistics, I’m not a course director. But I do have to coordinate with each person within all of those roles for each course in order to make my schedule. I don’t fit into any of the groups. “I’m my own best friend” (Spaceballs). I do a lot of coordinating with various people as well as getting to go out into the field to take pictures and process them. It’s rather fun. I’m the master of my own domain.

I started my first foray into the field back at the San Juan Islands. I enjoyed getting to spend time somewhere familiar. It made the jump into the field easy since I knew what to expect of my surroundings. Because I didn’t need to focus on my location, I could focus on the students and get the right shots. The next adventure involved simply driving up a gravel road to drop students off at their trailhead. The views from there astounded me!

My next field visit involves picking students up from their last day in the field. That may prove interesting since the students may seem both exhausted and elated, or perhaps dismayed that it’s over. We shall see.

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