Photo by John Schmidt, 2018

On a campout one day several years ago I told my friend that I’d love to do a ministry in the outdoors. I’m passionate about the outdoors, passionate about God, and passionate about people. She googled something, and discovered ACMNP (A Christian Ministry in the National Parks). She sent me to the website. I looked at it and thought, “Oh neat. But I can’t do that.” Flash forward to three months ago: I’m on campus at seminary school, and what do you know? There’s a table set up for ACMNP! This time I said, “Oh man. I can do that!”

“But I can’t do that!”

Two short weeks from today I’ll be en route to my assignment in Death Valley National Park, California. It’s kind of funny really, going to Death Valley. The desert. The desert of deserts. Death. Valley. Whoa. How did this happen?

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